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Choosing the very best camera bag shouldn’t be a difficult task. best backpacking tripod Whilst there are plenty of different designs and makes to choose from, you can find fundamentally just 2 types: shoulder totes and backpacks. Both have got their strengths and weaknesses, and choosing the right kind for you personally requires thinking a little about kinds of photos you acquire and where you opt for your camera.

So let’s create a quick assessment of shoulder carriers:

What are they?

Shoulder camera carriers have a strap that goes over one shoulder for carrying. They open from the most notable.

Main points

These kind of digital SLR camera bags are great because they’re so easy to access. Simply just whip open the flap at the top and get hold of the equipment you will need. Changing lenses, memory cards etc is an absolute breeze with this system.

But the convenience of that is offset by the truth that a single strap distributes the fat of the handbag unevenly over your shoulders. If you want to walk around with your camera a lot, this can literally turn into a real pain!

Shoulder bags feature sound foam padding around the sides that provides good protection. They’re though, often a bit exposed up top, where the opening flap is commonly thin material only.

Foam dividers with Velcro attachments can be easily shifted going to redesign the inside of the bag, to ideal fit your changing assortment of photography equipment.

A number of digital SLR camera bags in this design feature a waterproof lining stitched into them. Where that is not the case, it’s usually probable to get your hands on a neat waterproof cover that slips over the top.

Now let’s check out backpacks:

What are they?

Just like normal backpacks, camera carrying handbags of this kind own two straps, one fitting over each shoulder.

Main points

Backpacks are kinder on your body when it comes to carrying them for any amount of time. The weight of a surveillance camera and other photography equipment can be quite significant. Backpacks distribute this weight evenly and make a photo-shoot less of a gym session.

If you value outdoor photography and take long walks with your camera, a backpack makes issues easier. They are also the best camera bag choice for people who travel with their DSLR camera.

These bags aren’t only comfier for carrying, however they tend to be slightly better padded too. The whole of the inner surface is covered with strong padding, providing defense from all angles.

As with shoulder bags, backpack digital SLR camera bags will often have movable dividers inside which let you secure your photography equipment set up.

Often backpacks have more zip sections, netted pouches and general ‘extra’ areas than shoulder bags. Again, this is to their advantage when it comes to long photo shoots where extra batteries, phones, maps and the like, could be needed.

So when choosing the best camera bag, spend some time thinking about what sort of photography you do. Is ease your priority, or comfort? Do you need to change lenses quickly or is that no problem? Are you likely to take your camera on trips?

The truth is, most photographers have need for different things at different times. So it can be really worth choosing two separate digital SLR camera bags in different designs, to cover all possibilities.