Most often people wait for the deadline to pay their taxes.

Before moving on to the question ‘why we should pay our taxes early?’ answering the question ‘Why should I pay tax?’ is important. The taxes or say the mandatory fee that is paid by you is used by the Government for carrying out various responsibilities. These responsibilities include offering health facilities, Education facilities and Infrastructure development of the country. Also, the administrative cost and salaries of the government officials are appreciated by our taxes only. A responsible citizen must pay all the taxes within the time interval to avoid any future circumstances.

Well, are you also willing to take advantage of paying taxes? If yes, then you must be thinking of different benefits that the idea of “paying taxes on time” can offer you. Well, in this scenario, the guide by the CEO of Jadelite Assets LLC and the retired marine namedMalik Mullino, can be of great help. The guide can help you save your highly-earned money by introducing you to the numerous benefits of paying your taxes early.


When it comes to ‘United States’ a set of rules is decoded for the individuals to pay income tax. Undoubtedly, whether it is an individual or an organization, the need for tax-paying can never be denied. Where income tax has been divided into 2 categories as per the law-

  1. Direct tax – As the name suggests, the direct tax is paid directly to the government. Well, it is a wholesome amount paid by the citizen to the government in the form of income tax, wealth tax etc.
  2. Indirect tax – Every individual in this country is a taxpayer even if he/she is not encountering the direct tax. The indirect taxes are paid by the seller of the different goods and services to the government. As the name clarifies, the taxes are not paid directly to the government by the citizens but are charged from them on their purchase of different items or services. However, these taxes are already added to your food items, travel luxuries, electronic items and many more in the form of VAT, sales tax etc.

Typically the foremost benefit of paying your tax early is reducing the chances of missing out on your tax deadline. Also, organize your documents well after filling up your tax form.

It’s a beautiful and popular known fact, that “Precautions are always a better option to opt for than cure”. Thus, to be on the safe side and to avoid further legal action and explore numerous advantages, paying taxes on time act as a great idea. However, the other financial benefits of paying your tax early are –

  • Eliminates the tax deadline stress- well, it’s a life and being late is a normal thing. Nothing to be shocked about! Any time you go through an unpleasant task, you try your best to avoid the hard steps, where on the other hand, the best idea is to make that task done as soon as possible.

Pro tip- Give yourself an early fake deadline, to make your task done within the time frame.

  • Penalties – Enough time is given by the government for setting up your taxes. But once the deadline is gone you are liable for a penalty. The penalty is obligated on the individuals who are even a day late for the submission of their taxes. However, the penalty charges may differ according to the day’s extension.
  • Quick refunds- Faster tax refunds are generated in early taxes. These refunds are directed automatically to your bank account on time. As we all want our tax refunds as soon as possible. This refund has the potential to earn interest in the bank or to make it into an investment.
  • Discount on early payment – An early payment discount is also obtainable for individuals who have started a new business, self-employed with student loan, income tax payment before the end of the income year and others.
  • Preventing identity stealing – The earlier you file your returns the lesser are the chances of any uncertainties. You are now less vulnerable to the theft of filling up the return in your name.
  • Avoiding errors – Malik Mullino has shared his guidance intending to help you get the best outcomes by helping you to avoid the maximum errors. With his teachings, experience and knowledge, he explained in a brief way that how to fill up your tax on time or early avoid errors. You can search for all information on time and without commending any mistake you can submit your income tax.

A beneficial tip by Malik Mullino

Taxes are important to be paid on time and the above advantages will make you believe in so. Thus, let’s take a pledge today in developing this tax culture in every corner of the country. Also promoting early tax pay acts as a great option. It’s always a better idea to be on time, rather than to face unwanted deadlines.