Tatsuhiko Aota comes about to get the team captain with the Shohoku judo crew in the Slam Dunk Manga. He is a childhood crony of the Akagi siblings. Among the list of siblings was Takenori and they constantly argue in a younger age regarding which sport was far better – judo or basketball.

And in some cases up on the existing, both of those nonetheless continues to argue regarding which workforce are going to be declared the National Champion. The moment inside the life of Tatsuhiko, he provided Sakuragi to take part in the judo staff mainly because he found the latter’s combating skills extraordinary. Considering the fact that he was possessing a difficult time luring him to join, he bribed Sakuragi with a few pics of Haruko.

Slam Dunk Manga Character Profile:

Name: Tatsuhiko Aota

Calendar year: 3rd

Voice Actor: Hideyuki Umezu

Staff: Shohoku Judo Club
But still, he refused to simply because as a explanation he อ่านมังงะ simply enjoys basketball and never judo. But The truth is, it can be simply because he could well be closer to her crush Haruko if he performs basketball. Even now, Tatsuhiko just isn’t heading to give up very easily and Every so often he ongoing to try to entice him.

But despite his incapability to physically force Sakuragi into becoming a member of the judo crew, Tatsuhiko has still left absolutely nothing to prove on his judo capabilities as he experienced presently demonstrated that. And being a testomony, he was the only sole member of the team to qualify for the Nationwide Championships.

Nonetheless, He’s a delinquent pupil and it has to beg for a chance to retake the Test soon after failing in the first just take. His crush with Haruko has become continuous because they have been young within the Slam Dunk Manga.