How to use Strut Cards for Desk Displays?

Strut cards are imprinted on a high shine mounted onto a 2mm card with a lockable swagger stuck onto the back.

Strut cards are ideal for on-rack or counter shows and can be utilized to add tone to a showcase, boosting the permeability of a transient advancement.

Strut card otherwise called show card is extraordinary to create interest in items or administrations that you sell and urge clients to ask more and get it.

Produced using sturdy, hardwearing cards, Strut cards keep going long. Adding overlays to cards will cause them to seem excellent as glass covers can upgrade the substance while giving it a polished look and matt covers show extravagance and esteem. Swagger cards are magnificent to put on a showcase, at the gathering, or around a store.

Considerations to be taken!


Strut cards are not there to give you huge loads of data, that is the thing that pamphlets and handouts are for. Swagger cards are utilized fundamentally to acquire the consideration of your crowd smartly and imaginatively. Utilize intense and splendid tones to permit your swagger card to stick out. Try not to be reluctant to keep it straightforward, as these are frequently the best sorts of Strut cards.

  1. Shape

There are a wide range of shapes and sizes that you can look over. On the off chance that you like to consider some fresh possibilities and wish that this thought is reflected in your item as well as administration, at that point go for something somewhat extraordinary. Box molded strut cards are successful because they can be seen from different heavenly messengers.

  1. Colouring:

Likewise, with all advertising material, Colouring will assume an imperative part in your Strut card. Maybe it is a more powerful highlight make because of the size of a swagger card. It won’t affect a flag or a spring-up stand thus it is crucial that the plan and shading are one of a kind, fitting, and client orientated.

  1. Text:

Text utilized in Strut cards is small; as you don’t have the space to give bunches of data. Consequently, the content utilized all through your strut card should be direct and enough to command the notice of likely clients. If the strut card is about some limited period offer, be certain that to stand apart by making your discount rate the focal point of your card. Since you may feel that so little content utilized on a strut card may not give the measure of data about your item, administration, or offer then you might need to consider giving your client approaches to get more data. This should be possible from various perspectives; giving an email address, a site, or utilizing web-based media symbols to coordinate your peruser. Nowadays, the most famous type of source of inspiration, (particularly on swagger cards) are QR codes. Utilize these to give your client moment and available data.


The modest strut card might be small and however in need of stature. Ideal for situations where your clients are probably going to get very close with your swagger card informing, for example, on shop counters, bar tables, or in bistros and not everywhere.

Roller Banners UK has low-budget banner sheets, imprinted in full tone and mounted to 2mm thick cardboard with a rudder swagger joined to the opposite prepared to use. The sizes available being A3, A4, and A5.

Despite the small size, Strut Cards go a long way.