How to hire a good SEO agency?

Website owners often wonder how to choose a good SEO agency so that the investment made on marketing activities brings real benefits. Google has prepared Web SEO a video in which Maile Ohye, Developer Programs Tech Lead advises what to pay attention to when deciding to cooperate with an SEO company.

Remember that SEO is a long process

Google reminds that achieving stable positions in search results is a multi-stage process. A place in the TOP10 is not achieved with quick, magic tricks. If such actions are Web SEO Company Ltd proposed by an SEO agency, the warning light should turn on – using practices that do not comply with the guidelines for webmasters may expose your domain to a filter or a manual penalty.


A good SEO agency does not violate Google’s policy

During conversations with SEO specialists, try to find out what they know and whether they do not use actions that would be contrary to Google’s guidelines, thus exposing your domain to the imposition of a penalty or filter. To do this, request that the proposed changes to the structure of the #WebSEO page contain references to Google documents (support, official tutorial videos, responses from the webmaster forum) confirming the compliance of the recommendations with the search engine policy. In this way, you will eliminate SEO companies that make referrals to Google’s help, which Google looks unfavorably at, e.g. buying links, spamming, generating artificial traffic, adding too many keywords in the keywords meta tag.


Go to the agency’s website and check which websites were positioned by it. Read the recommendation text. Also look for opinions on the web. You can also contact the companies that this SEO company provided their services for to find out how the collaboration was going.

Keyword selection and technical audit

At the bidding stage, the agency also analyzes the website in terms of the selection of appropriate keywords for which the website could be positioned. Specialists should explain the difference between brand and non-brand phrases in the selection of keywords and propose solutions On-Site SEO Basics that will work in a given industry. The SEO company should verify what actions are taken by the competition and recommend their use.

Google also mentions to pay attention to the technical audit and how to prepare recommendations. It is best for the SEO agency to present a list of all problems, suggest improvements, and indicate the expected results after removing the defects. Individual recommendations should  website design planning guide be prioritized. Before the SEO audit is carried out, the SEO company must learn about the limitations of introducing changes to the website – thanks to this, you will receive a document with guidelines that you can implement 100%.

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