Here are the top 10 best review sites

Trying to build any kind of reputation online involves making sure that online users not only know about the company, but also the extent of their products and services. It is something that can be quite tricky to manage, as a company’s online reputation can be challenging to quantify through conventional means. It is not necessarily something that can be gauged, though the closest thing would be online reviews.

That said, it can be challenging to gather reviews for most businesses — especially new companies that are yet to prove themselves in their chosen industry. Fortunately, review generation services are around that can help just about any business gather as many positive reviews as possible. Even negative reviews can be welcome from time to time due to the potential for turning things around. Here are the top ten best review sites for those looking to take advantage of review generation tactics!

Angie’s List

One of the most interesting things about Angie’s List is that it is a paid review site specifically for service-related businesses. While there are plenty of review websites out there that might provide plenty of reviews for various types of businesses, there is an advantage to the use of Angie’s List. As a paid review site, it is far less likely to have rambling and non-relevant reviews.

It will likely always have decent reviews that provide a fair bit of constructive criticism due to the nature of the site. That said, compared to many of the other sites in the list, it is a bit on the small side when it comes to overall traffic.


While Foursquare is a review website that tries to cater to just about every business, its forte would be restaurants. Foursquare is well-known for its ability to monitor customers and help businesses get a handle on how things look when it comes to their online reputation. It is a great social media reviewing platform where people are given incentives to check-in on various restaurants and locations. The more places they visit and review, the more points they’ll have.


Anyone who has had to start a business during the infancy of the Internet is likely well-aware of what yellow pages directories entail. In the case of Yellowpages, it accomplishes largely the same function, though does so from the online space. It is also well-known for providing marketing solutions to various local companies, making it much easier for newer businesses to gather reviews from customers. Various companies can make use of a free listing in the Yellowpages directory, making it a great choice in general.


While Yellowpages is about keeping the yellow pages tradition alive, Manta is all about providing informative reviews for small businesses. While it might be for any type of business, small companies are more than welcome in Manta, and it is wholeheartedly recommended for small business owners to look into it as one of the best review sites.


It might seem odd that one of the most effective review websites today has to do with travel — especially due to the pandemic — but TravelAdvisor still remains a great hub for those looking for various reviews all over the world. Considering that the world of travel consists of a host of various industries, all manner of companies are a part of the TripAdvisor’s umbrella.

Better Business Bureau

The BBB is there to help online users find companies, services, organizations, and charities that they can trust. It is one of the more effective review sites around, especially for those who are committed to review generation as a marketing strategy.


Everyone probably already knew that Facebook would be a part of the list, considering that the social media platform is one of the oldest and most successful in the industry. Any social media platform is going to have business reviews, and Facebook is no exception.


For anyone who has likely wanted to look for reviews for various restaurants and other types of services, Yelp is typically one of the first to appear on the Google search engine results page (SERP). It also helps that Yelp manages to train smaller companies regarding how best to respond to various reviews, especially those that might not necessarily paint the company in a positive light.


What kind of list would it be without one of the most popular ecommerce marketplace platforms in the industry? Amazon has its own review system, and a means of training reviewers and companies alike to make the most out of the system. It is undoubtedly a game changer in the market, and Amazon will likely continue to forge ahead — making it one of the premier platforms to focus on as a company from any industry. It is even entirely possible to make use of Amazon as the market platform for the company instead of the primary website.

Google My Business

Of all the reviews sites a company can use to get ahead, there are few that match Google My Business. As a matter of fact, Google is argued as being peerless when it comes to digital marketing. The Google algorithm is at the beating heart of Internet marketing, making it the ideal step forward for any business. Even if a company might focus on another review site, it is never a bad idea to fill up a Google My Business profile — ensuring that the Google algorithm makes good use of the information provided both in Google My Business and various other sites. The best part about Google is that it can be used alongside others to create a much stronger online presence overall.

The best review sites above are undoubtedly all a company needs to get ahead no matter the scenario. Maintaining one’s online reputation means making good use of reviews, and it would be ideal to generate as many reviews as possible in any of the sites on the list. While it might take some time to get the ball rolling, it is undoubtedly worth the time, effort, and money.