Furnished apartment: advantages, disadvantages and when it’s worth it

Opting for a furnished apartment in park view city may be ideal for those who have not yet established themselves in a location and do not have this intention. Thus, it is very common for young people, students, newly divorced, exchange students or professionals whose objective is to use the property as a dormitory to opt for furnished residences. These people have a less structured lifestyle and a furnished apartment offers them numerous advantages.

Furnished apartment: know the advantages

Economy with furniture

As its name suggests, a furnished apartment already has essential items in a home such as a stove, refrigerator and bed. Thus, it is not necessary for the resident to acquire these items to inhabit the property. As we know, these devices have high prices and purchasing all at once may not be possible for some people. The economy in this case is an excellent advantage.

Simplifying change

Organizing a move can be a laborious and time-consuming process. In many cases, the residents intend to establish a short stay in the property and, therefore, organizing the logistics of a major change is unviable and unnecessary. The furnished apartment is a great option for those people who will only need to take their personal belongings such as clothes and shoes to the new residence.

Insufficient financial resources

As stated earlier, furnishing an apartment is not a cheap task. Thus, a furnished apartment is a cheaper option for those who do not yet have the financial resources to carry out such an action. Logically, this type of property has a slightly higher rent value, which may reach an increase of 15% referring to the items. However, this value, in most cases, still means a better cost-benefit since it allows the independence of leaving home or moving to another city without having to spend money on furniture.


In addition to the money invested, furnishing and decorating a house takes a long time. Usually, people looking for furnished apartments do not have much time available for this activity. Thus, renting an already furnished apartment is very practical and saves time for residents.

In addition, change itself is a time-consuming activity. This is because it is necessary to take into account the logistics of freight or time to receive new furniture. The task of receiving deliveries requires time from the resident who will need to stay at home to receive them, which in many cases is not possible.

Planned furniture

Another great advantage of a furnished apartment is having the guarantee that the furniture is the right size for the property. Often, when we move in and have furniture, their size may not be compatible with the new space. An apartment that already has its own furniture avoids this problem. In many cases the furniture is designed and perfect to optimize the environment.

The disadvantages of a furnished apartment

Furniture of the old property

One of the main disadvantages in renting a furnished property is when you already have furniture. This is because, it is not advantageous to rent a place that already has furniture and have to dispose of the goods that you already own. In addition, when renting a property it is possible that you will have to move again after the end of the contract and thus your furniture may be lacking.

Furniture conservation

As it is a rented property, it is possible that the furniture has already passed through several tenants. Thus, it is quite possible that they appear to be used and are not the newest ones on the market. The state of conservation of the furniture is a very important factor to be analyzed before renting a furnished apartment.

Lack of customization

If your intention is to make your home as characteristic with your personality as possible, perhaps the furnished property is not the best option. This is because, the furniture of these properties is usually the most generic possible, with little personality to please the greatest number of people. However, this disadvantage can be overcome with a little creativity and design knowledge.

Greater leasing responsibility

Choosing to rent a furnished apartment also means taking on more responsibilities in the contract. This is because in addition to maintaining the property in perfect condition, it is also necessary to ensure the conservation of the furniture. Thus, when relying on furniture and appliances, it is necessary to take extra care with them, ensuring their proper functioning and conservation throughout their stay in the property.

Care when renting a furnished apartment

After weighing the pros and cons of a furnished apartment, it is important to pay attention to some points so that your stay in the property is smooth. As with any rental agreement, it is important to take a few steps:


Performing a property inspection is a very important activity before signing a lease. It is she who will guarantee the condition of the property at the time of handing over the keys. Thus, it is possible to ensure that the owner will receive the house in the same way that he delivered it. It avoids future disagreements that can even lead to lawsuits.

When renting a furnished apartment, this care becomes even more important. All objects and furniture in the house need to be tested, described and photographed. This care also ensures that the landlord does not have to bear defects and problems that existed before the contract was signed.

Request repairs if necessary

This step is necessary when defects and problems are identified during the survey. According to the Tenancy Law, it is the obligation of the owner to pay for repairs that influence the security of the home. However, if the problems are small, it is possible that a conversation between the parties involved is the solution. A rent discount may be agreed if the landlord is willing to pay for the repair. This solution is very common and benefits everyone involved. However, do not forget that every negotiation must be documented and signed to avoid future problems.

Pay attention to the contract

Regardless of the choice you make for the type of rental, it is very important that the rental agreement is as detailed as possible. In addition to information such as value, salary, personal data of the parties, when renting a furnished apartment, care must be taken extra care. In addition to the inspection, the contract must include responsibility for the items in the property, in addition to a list of all furniture included. Usually, after signing the contract, it is the tenant who is responsible for repairing furniture or appliances.

The care of a furnished apartment

Renting a furnished apartment can be a great option for those who have not yet fully stabilized. Among the many advantages we can mention the economy with furniture and a big change. However, it is important to be careful with some cases.

For example, if a refrigerator in the property breaks down, it is possible that this will not occur due to misuse. This is because this appliance has a useful life and it is up to a specialized technician to identify the reason for the problem in order to determine who is responsible for the repair. Therefore, it is essential that the rental contract is well written for this option to be advantageous.