Few Words Indicating How Your Toothbrush Become a Part of The Plastic Crisis

Plastic is now much-hated material even though it is still widely used worldwide. The reason for not liking plastic is simple to understand by anyone. Plastic is a non-biodegradable substance thus harmful to the environment. For several decades, plastic has been in the mainstream of commodities. The benefits of using plastic are many thus it isn’t easy for a human being to avoid its usage.
Fortunately, there is the availability of naturally made materials to be used instead of plastic. Everyone buys and uses a plastic toothbrush. The toothbrush is sure to worn out someday. Then surely gets thrown in dust bin or outside. The plastic handle and its bristles are non-biodegradable thus not ready to decompose. Some people do take all these wasted plastic toothbrushes to recycle yard. However, it isn’t a permanent solution as millions of plastic toothbrush users don’t put them for recycling.
The effective solution is to stop using plastic toothbrushes for everyone. Luckily, today you don’t have to use plastic toothbrushes as there are kinds of bamboo brushes that are equally efficient to clean your teeth, affordable, and biodegradable. There are many online shops selling toothbrushes designed using natural substances like bamboo. Willow online shop rules in popularity for selling eco-friendly products like best bamboo toothbrushes UK.

Facts to clear your doubts about plastic toothbrush contribution in the occurrence of global warming:

• There are millions of worn-out toothbrushes lying in landfills ready to pollute the soil. They won’t decompose even if you cut them into small pieces for many centuries. They will be lying down just like it was thrown by the user in soil or water. Hence, contributing highly to spoil nature wealth.
• In recent years, electric toothbrushes are used commonly. It is designed using plastic and rubber. Both the materials aren’t degradable and thus harmful to ecology. Moreover, the rechargeable batteries often malfunction thus end in landfills. The acid in its leaks and soon spoils natural elements where it is thrown.
• Some plastic toothbrushes aren’t of good quality as they are made of inferior quality plastic. Hence, there are high chances of emitting toxins that are harmful to nature once it is littered around on soil or in the water.
• Plastic is mainly made from crude oil which is a nonrenewable source. Hence, our regular usage of plastic toothbrushes leads to using of more crude oil that is going to soon be unavailable.
Bamboo brushes are best to use anytime to clean your teeth. The handle of the brush is made of bamboo and the bristles are of nylon. They are long-lasting and affordable, thus you can use them for many months without replacing them with a new toothbrush. Moreover, the manufacturers get bamboo as raw material throughout the year, thus there aren’t any worries over using nonrenewable materials.
It has been often observed that using accessories made of natural materials gives immense satisfaction of not polluting the living environment. Bamboo toothbrushes are sure to be a great popular oral hygienic accessory replacing plastic toothbrushes for good.