Do You Know The Connection Between CBD Terpenes and Vape Cart Flavors?

People these days are avoiding or abandoning cannabis smoking and slowly switching to safer and more enjoyable CBD vaping instead, and hence the importance and awareness of CBD terpenes are only growing.

The terpenes are vaporous and aromatic oily substances that are found in the plant world. Whenever you are enjoying a flower or feel refreshed by any sharp smell produced by any citrus fruit, then you must know that you are enjoying the terpenes. Many of us may have no idea about the terpenes that surround us.

CBD terpenes

The main reason to choose certain strains is because of the flavor and aroma that we enjoy while consuming. Whatever taste that you may be enjoying while vaping, actually it is only the CBD terpenes, which is delivering that full taste that can be citrus, pine, skunk, cheese, or coffee.

Although the intensity and your experience will depend on the CBD and THC concentration, however, through the path you will experience relaxation, upliftment, euphoria, or something that is totally new, because of CBD terpenes.

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Terpenes and vaping

The manufacturers of CBD are aware of terpenes and because of this knowledge to extract certain specific terpenes have offered an option of infusing with different CBD terpenes combinations based on any desired aroma and effect that you want to achieve.

So, they can create necessary vape cartridges to produce different kinds of aromas or different benefits of CBD.

Terpenes, aromatherapy, and our health

As you know, terpenes can also produce certain distinctive therapeutic effects. People were familiar with using different aromas to produce a certain beneficial psychological effect. The terpene obtained from lavender can produce a very sweet floral scent that produces a calming and soothing effect.

Also, limonene that you can find in citrus fruits can produce a mood-elevating effect. For raising alertness or for memory retention pinene from the sage can be used. Terpenes can also increase skin permeability and do not produce any side effects.

Also, terpenes have got an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial effect. A certain research result displayed that various terpenes can act synergistically with a few antibiotics and can raise their effectiveness and can even double the effect in some cases.

CBD, terpenes, and entourage effect

In addition to being synergistic with various antibiotics, terpenes can also work similarly with a few cannabinoids too. They can modulate their influence on our mind and also the body. This type of synergistic effect is also known as an entourage effect.

This new term will explain the natural sensation where 2 or more discrete molecules will easily interact with one another to produce a result that can both be different and also more powerful as compared to the sum of the effects that they can produce individually.

We hope with all these explanation you have understood the connection between terpenes of CBD and the flavors offered by vape cartridges.