Custard apple has a lot of names across different cultures and regions. At many countries they are called sharifa, at some you would see them being sold as sweet apple or Sitafal. This fruit can provide you with a number of benefits that you might not even be aware of but the only backdrop is that it only comes in for 2-3 months. It has a pale green color on the outside with some black spots and from the inside it has a white fleshy and creamy texture and the flavor is too sweet depending on how mature the fruit is itself. Inside the white flesh you would find black medium-sized seeds that you often spit out.

It has a very grainy and unique texture while the taste is exotic and no fruit can be compared to the taste of custard apple, let’s begin with its history and background. Custard apply originates from south America. But now it can be found in major states like the Bahamas, Peru and Brazil. It is also very common in Asian countries like the Philippines, India and Pakistan. It dates back to 17th century and till now it is the most widely recognized fruit.

Special health benefits

Custard apple has many health benefits and should be included in your diet during its season. It has almost about 80-101 calories. It is an anti-oxidant fruit and has immense amount of vitamin C which makes it very good for your digestion. Have it at least 30-45 minutes before your breakfast or lunch to take benefits of this rich tropical persimmon fruit. In times of coronavirus your immune system health matters the most, well custard apple can also help you strengthen your immune system and help your body fight off many diseases.

Craving for a good and smooth skin? Custard apple has got you covered. Due to its richness in vitamin C it can help you achieve that glowing, smooth skin that can even help you lighten your wrinkles. Custard apple has also been found successful in hair care problems. It can help you overcome your hair loss problems as well as in slowing down the process of grey hair as you age or due to other reasons. Custard apple has also been recommended by many nutritionists as well. They usually recommend their patients to have custard apple if they want to improve their weight or metabolism.

Make delicious desserts

Custard apple can be used in making a number of delicious desserts. If you don’t like it texture or like to eat it raw, you can make a number of smoothies, shakes and desserts from this Sharon fruit that you will fall in love with. You would even find many chefs using custard apple as their main ingredient in their beautiful finger-licking dishes. And if you enjoy its original taste then just garb a spoon cut the custard apple in half and dive in. scoop out the goodness and enjoy this luxury treat.